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Women and Cigars

We can all agree that the cigar industry is a male dominated place full of testosterone and high alcohol % liquor  All the best known heavy hitters in the cigar world are men and the image of a man with a cigar sipping on a glass of whiskey neat is the epitome of masculinity.

But it doesn’t take too close a look into the world of cigars to realize that there is a plethora of women responsible for creating/blending some of the finest cigars in the world and then promoting the hell out of them with powerful/provocative/imagery. It’s not often talked about, but take a look at any cigar factory in any part of the world. You’ll see women often farming or harvesting, then you’ll see them curing, blending and rolling. Then you’ll see women with big titles running some of the largest cigar companies in the world. In other words, in every step of the cigar making process, you’ll see that women are not only involved, but dominate.

As a woman who has seen first hand all that goes into creating a premium cigar,  I say let’s empower the women in our lives to be bold enough to appreciate the craft. The 1990s may have been a boom for women smoking cigars, but now, with the advent of social media, we are front and center in displaying our passion for cigars and the nuances of tasting flavors.

If you’re a woman who smokes, share your social media info in the comments and let’s all support and empower one another. And if you’re a man who smokes, make sure to empower your fellow SOTL. 😉

About the author: Ofelia Desind
I love the finer things in life and cigars and fine spirits are no exception. While I love savoring the flavors of a nice cognac or bourbon, a well thought out cocktail with nuanced flavors brings me equal joy. I also love spending a poolside evening enjoying a nice cigar with my husband.

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