Viaje Holiday Blend 2014 Candy Cane

  Here I have a rare, aged Viaje release from December 2014.  Since some of you may have some squirreled away in your humidors, here’s my notes on it.

  Right off the light I get earth and dry oak.  As I hit the filler I start to get a bit of leather, walnut and cinnamon.  It starts to calm down nearing the half inch mark.  Earth, cedar, leather, slight sweet cream, slight nutmeg and cinnamon are what I’m getting at this point.  The nuttiness is in the retrohale with a touch of pepper.

  The 2nd third brings a char to the cedar.  Some bitter grassy notes join in as well. Quite a change from the beginning.  A large amount of tar built up on the head.  A small cut removes the tar and the bitter flavors.  The main body is much lighter though, earth, charred cedar, dry cocoa powder and a hint of the sweet cream.  No more cinnamon, but a bit of black pepper is noticeable throughout.  

  The final third brings the cream back, and up to the front.  Dry cocoa, earth and pepper come directly after, with cedar taking to the background.  

  A bit milder than expected, though it was aged, so I am factoring that in.  I wish I would’ve noticed the tar build up earlier, but other than that it was a fine smoke.

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