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Toscano Antico Cigar Review

Ever bite into a fresh peppercorn?

Yeah, it’s like that, but good. It took me a second to get over the initial rush of flavor, but it settled down after a few puffs. As I progressed, my taste buds couldn’t help but tug at my mind’s memories of BBQs and fireplaces.

This is such an interesting cigar and has quickly become one of my go to favorites. Everything about this stick challenges much of what I know of cigars (to be transparent, I’m fairly new to the cigar scene) – the size, the look, the texture and the fact you can cut this bad-boy in half and smoke whatever length you want.

This fact alone sold me on the Toscano. I’m a restless smoker. I have a hard time relaxing and sitting for longer than 30 minutes. So having the option of cutting a cigar to the length that matches my time is a HUGE draw.

If you’ve ever wanted to give a Toscano a go I highly recommend it!

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