The Red Screaming Sun – Spirited Smoke

The Red Screaming Sun

”Hats off to Paul Stulac”

Red Screaming Sun Lancero, paired with a Bluepoint Toasted Lager 

Construction: Nice deep brown wrapper, slightly raised veins, visible seams with a heavy triple cap.

Pre-light/Cold draw: rich tobacco, slight barnyard pepper essence.

First Third: Tight draw. Some black pepper, toasted bread, with a rich damp earthy finish. Actually felt this in my throat and it gave me the hiccups. This was not a negative for me.

Dominant spicy pepper on the retro, awesome so far.

Second third: kind of hay/barnyard nuance going on. Also getting a peat/earth undertone mixed with gentle wood. Sharp bitey pepper still hitting the throat.. I like this feature. It lets you know your smoking a fuckin’ cigar. You must embrace it, and drink more beer.

Last third: The flavors start to stray from barnyard, and the cedar starts turning up. A nice sharp cedar, also feeling a gentle leather. Peppery finish, black pepper is routed by a subtle red pepper.

Absolutely loved this stick. First lancero for me also. You must take this cigar to the absolute end to fully appreciate it. I really wanted to stuff the end into a pipe and finish the whole enchilada. Razor sharp burn all the way through. Hats off to Paul Stulac for remaking this beast,and Brian Privada for making these available to a beginner like me.

   I wish these sticks could be purchased on the regular, but that would take away from “the lore”. There’s something about smoking a unicorn just makes you appreciate it.

As the cigar burns my fingers, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmers “Lucky Man” plays. I find myself thinking about how I can get more of these immaculate creations.

But that’s the thing, I probably will never come across this cigar again. Thats the beauty of the this experience. The cigar is an a hour and a half long journey that echos into eternity just like your life, friends. Enjoy it while it’s in your hands!

           -Adam Eccleston

About the author: Adam Eccleston

Beginner cigar head who likes to write reviews and such.
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