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The mystery of tasting cigar notes.

Dear family of the leaf,

this is not a PSA or any documentation that any of these thoughts are stone cold facts. The blogs I write are the thoughts in my head about cigars. This one in particular is about tasting notes, we all have our preferences when it comes down to curing that particular craving from a snickers bar, favorite lager, or cigar.

I could go all over wrappers and their origin, cigar pairings with fine alcohol, but I’m going straight to the point. I’ve watched several Youtube reviews by different tubbers and think? “How do they bloody taste that?” Even with my friends in exchange of conversation and debate and it’s always so different. I’ve smoked the famous collaboration cigar The T. By Caldwell, Fernandez, and Booth as well as other FOTL we all found the base note, but everything else was similar and different. I got a mint leaf, tea leaf, and smoke/bacon notes in that cigar.

Strange sure, I could argue I have a well rounded palette because I’ve dedicated my time in experimenting with Penzy spices to compare and contrast with cigars. Far from everyone else’s case. Others use a flavor wheel as a road map or other methods I believe all these methods are great, but I contradict myself yet again. Memory and smell are intertwined, memory is how we learn to remember certain smells and if you can’t smell you can’t taste.

Interesting. Happy smoking everybody! Always leave your thoughts and personal comments of the matter.

– Susana Murguia (AKA Shane Cheshire)



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The section that's so exciting. A sister of the leaf. Cigars are my thing along with a glass of whiskey and a Chuck Palahniuk novel. I will be writing blogs of obscure aspects in the cigar world that cross my mind. Glad to be part of the community.

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@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton)
I’m actually a huge nerd and love this kind of discussion. You should look into just how much smell influences taste. A lot. Actually most of taste is really just smell. You can go to tobacconist university and look at their taste college course and it gets very in depth on the topic of tasting cigars. Interesting stuff.
@peepso_user_308(Morgan Roberts)
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton) I totally agree. You get 99% more flavor out of your cigar from retrohealing the smoke. Smell accounts for almost all of your taste.
@peepso_user_1328(Susana Murguia)
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton). Thanks for your input and knowledge about taste college course I will check it out! I am very nerdy and I find cigars as an art. The more I learn the better.
@peepso_user_1328(Susana Murguia)
If ya can't smell how ya gonna taste? Amen to that. With that being said when smoking a cigar how much would you say you retrohale or find appropriate personally?
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton)
@peepso_user_1328(Susana Murguia) I personally retrohale almost every puff but I don’t think that’s necessary but I do think that you’re missing out if you’re not retrohaling at all. But even if you’re not retrohaling at all, smell still accounts for more of what you taste than your tongue does...this is true for food too. Try this-pour a cup of coke and a cup of sprite...close your eyes and take a sip of will have a VERY hard time telling the difference. The nose has many more receptors than the tongue and we smell anything that’s in our mouth passively thru our nose.
@peepso_user_1328(Susana Murguia)
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton). I don't mind retrohaling I prefer to keep it to a minimum it irritates my nose so much I can hardly taste the other notes of the cigar. I remember doing a school project pinching the nose and eating jelly beans.
1 year ago 1 year ago
@peepso_user_587(Adam Eccleston)
Love the discussion. I smoked the sun grown redemption and the cold draw reminded me of my grandmothers basement.. last time I was there was 1992.. definitely stirred some memories..
@peepso_user_1328(Susana Murguia)
@peepso_user_587(Adam Eccleston) That's what I love about cigars whatever you smell or taste there will be that reminiscing memory and you can spot that particular moment.