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The Hot Sauce Double Down Giveaway #1

The time has come for me to show my appreciation to Spirited Smoke, Privada Cigar Club and the family that makes this whole thing tick.  In just the past couple of weeks, I have gained a new group of friends that all share two common and unmistakable bonds: the cigar and spirits.  Throughout history, well, the past 37 years at least, I have always enjoyed showing appreciation and giving back. Today I will show my appreciation to this fine, amazing, wonderful community of the PCC family and Spirited Smoke members by offering a chance to become entrants and possible winners of the first ever Hot Sauce Double Down giveaway.

Wait….what the heck?  Hot Sauce??  Salsa??  I’ll explain in this example.

Ex:  I drink rums and brandy with my cigars….that’s my hot sauce.  Now you’ve got it 😉

So what is the double down all about?  Double is two…two are going down…cigar and hot sauce…giveaway…got it?  Good 🙂

Simple version:  Free premium cigar and hot sauce to pair it with.

How this works:

Join the cigar review group here:

For every detailed review that you complete and post into the cigar review group page, you will receive and entry into the giveaway with a max limit of 5 entries. Complete 1 review? 1 entry. Complete 5 reviews? 5 entries. Simple!

You can only win once but the more reviews you post the higher your percentage of winning will be

Giveaway will start with 100 slots and expand or decrease if needed.

Giveaway time-frame: 8/21/19 – 9/10/19(midnight)

When you post your review, PM me in a message: “review posted” for EACH review that you post.

Winning slots will be determined by randomly generated numbers via lottery and/or # randomizer app/

Don’t worry, some of us are not the great and worldly novelists that others are on the site. That is ok!  I am not looking for NY Times best seller quality but rather what you found great, good, bad, funky, weird, odd, about your cigar and the experiences that you had….and most importantly WHY….

How long should the review be and what content should be in it? Long enough and filled with enough content that if YOU were reading the review, YOU would have a good idea of what the person was tasting and experiencing during the session.

So let’s have some fun and get those reviews going!

**I plan on doing this a few times and each time will include a hint for you as to what is being given away**



In private, I told the blender, “9 leaves of ligero is too much in this blend”.

He replied, “I’m from Havana not the country club.  This is my selection and I am the master of what I do”.

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