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Tatuaje Bride of Frankenstein 2018 Whiskey Pairing

This is Tatuaje’s Monster Themed Cigar for 2018, The Bride of Frankenstein. If you aren’t familiar with what Tatuaje did every year, they would release a cigar that is monster themed. The box would typically be themed like that of whatever the special release was. Sadly this was the last year and last release on the monster line! In the Article below it talks about some great whiskey pairings for the lucky people that have this cigar, or for those who are brave enough to find and buy one!

Has anyone had the liberty to try this cigar or even any of the cigars from the previous monster releases?! I’d even be brave enough to ask if you had any left? Asking for a friend *wink*! 


Article: https://bourbonveach.com/2018/11/30/whiskey-and-cigar-pairing-tatuaje-monster-2018-bride-of-frankenstein/


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