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Take a swing at this

I referenced the CAO CX2 on the “what’s your favorite underrated cigar?” thread. Tonight I smoked one with Old Forester Single Barrel (90 proof).

First third, I was drinking the OF on the rocks, because I was outside and it’s hot. And honestly, while both were very approachable, neither was remarkable. But for the 2nd and 3rd, the OF was neat and the story changed. The combination turned both up a notch. Mostly on the gums and the sides of my tongue, I got a nice peppery tingle.

For tasting notes, I say “take a swing at this”, because it took me back to my days playing Little League and High School baseball, particularly the dugout.

Infield dirt and freshly mowed grass. Leather from the gloves. Wood and pine tar from the bats. Mustiness from the aged and much-used burlap equipment bags. I was a grape HubbaBubba guy back in the days, but picked up on some Wrigley’s Doublemint in this pairing, which was ok by me.

Take a swing on a fairly low proof bourbon and a cigar that’s on the mild side of medium and see how you like it!

About the author: Tony Poiles
Quickly approaching retirement:) Born, raised and currently live in Louisville, KY. Love to travel, but devoted to Derby City! Interests: Bourbon and other spirits, fine cigars, horse racing, golf, reading (big fan of what I refer to as 'Florida noir', which started with John MacD's Travis McGee series). Also mildly Parrothead (I got a Caribbean soul...) as well as enjoy all music genres.

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