Winston Churchill – Spirited Smoke
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Winston Churchill’s Top Hat, Cigars and Other Things Found in Garbage Dump

David Rose, a garbage worker in the UK, found several items that seemed to belong to Sir Winston Churchill in a garbage dump. Among them, was one of his iconic top hats, a cigar case, cigars, a signed photograph he gave his cook along with several hundred letters from Churchill.

What’s more- Rose went on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and all items were authenticated and probably worth obscene amounts of money.

He claims he has a shed full of items he’s found throughout the years, but refuses to name where he actually works!

What I want to know is who the hell would throw away such things?? Also- I’m wondering what kind of cigars they were!

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Smoking like Churchill!

Check out this video, It’s pretty cool to be able to smoke like one of the best. 



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