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What to expect on a Whisk(e)y Trail

Another whiskey trail has been added to the long and extensive list of Whiskey Based Trails. This trail is out of The Lone Star State of Texas! I want to do a Whiskey trail so bad! I really want to do the Kentucky Whiskey Trail first, for some reason it feels like I should do the Kentucky one first. Any suggestions on which ones I should do after?

Aberlour Triple Cask Whiskey Review

Have you guys ever had this whiskey? A friend of mine recommended it to me and I think I’ll give it a shot soon. I just picked up the House Targaryen Game of Thrones Whiskey! Its a Cordou Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch and I love it, It has such a smooth taste! My friend says this whiskey does too but I need some feedback from my guys and gals on spirited!

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Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Anotha one! Here’s to a bourbon that’s not as commonly spoken about, Larceny Kentucky Straight. Of course whenever anyone utters the words Bourbon the first place I think of is Kentucky, the birth place of bourbon. If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on this bourbon, I would definitely consider trying it next time you run out of bourbon! 

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Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey Vault Review!

In one of the last reviews I shared with you guys a Johnnie Black and Green label review/comparison. In the comments I had a handful of people say that they enjoyed or preferred the JW Double Black over both of those. So for those who haven’t had the Double Black and were a little on edge or hesitant or what not, I hope that this review will help you out a little! Personally it’s pretty damn good! I love whiskey and I feel as if I always will.