Whiskey Review – Spirited Smoke

Aberlour Triple Cask Whiskey Review

Have you guys ever had this whiskey? A friend of mine recommended it to me and I think I’ll give it a shot soon. I just picked up the House Targaryen Game of Thrones Whiskey! Its a Cordou Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch and I love it, It has such a smooth taste! My friend says this whiskey does too but I need some feedback from my guys and gals on spirited!

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Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Anotha one! Here’s to a bourbon that’s not as commonly spoken about, Larceny Kentucky Straight. Of course whenever anyone utters the words Bourbon the first place I think of is Kentucky, the birth place of bourbon. If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on this bourbon, I would definitely consider trying it next time you run out of bourbon! 

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Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey Vault Review!

In one of the last reviews I shared with you guys a Johnnie Black and Green label review/comparison. In the comments I had a handful of people say that they enjoyed or preferred the JW Double Black over both of those. So for those who haven’t had the Double Black and were a little on edge or hesitant or what not, I hope that this review will help you out a little! Personally it’s pretty damn good! I love whiskey and I feel as if I always will. 

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Review and Green Label Comparison

In this whiskey review, Whiskey Vault dives in on the ever so popular, Johnnie Walker Black Label! Now I already know a good amount of you like or love it. I would love to hear what you guys DON’T like about it! Maybe what keeps it lower or higher on your scale of favorite or least favorite whiskeys.  Love the feedback from you guys, I’m still fairly young (a child in my mothers eyes) so all things you guys say help me to try new things and expand my taste for whiskey!


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All Game of Thrones Whiskeys review!

If you are as much a Game of Thrones fan as I am, then check out this video that reviews all the whiskey that are associated with all the different houses, including a whiskey for The Nights Watch! I have to get the whiskey’s for Houses Targaryean, Stark, and Tully!

Have any of you guys had the liberty of trying these, I know they’ve been out since late last year, but now that winter has come, I need to stock my shelves! #SundaysAreForWesteros