Top 5 – Spirited Smoke
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Top 5 Cigars of the week from Cigar Vixen #17

Cigar vixen has been doing a segment where she talks about her favorite cigars of each week. I’m assuming she smokes off camera as often if not more then she smokes on camera, therefore I think it’s safe to say that you can trust her taste buds! Occasionally I take a look at her videos and just make connections between the cigars she mentions with cigars other people mention and kind of throw together a list of cigars I have to try.  This video caught my attention because in both this video and in the podcast by @BovedaRob, they all mention Southern Draw, and this name has been ringing through the cigar world more and more it seems. So with that being said, I think its a sign that some of you guy and I should definitely get cracking and pick up ourselves a Southern Draw Cigar, whether it be the ever favored Quickdraw, or the Cedrus mentioned in this video!