So what exactly is a stogie anyway ?

The dictionary says “its a long thin inexpensive cigar


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Arnold famously yelled out on a movie set “where the f**k are my stogies”…like only the Terminator could.  I think of Winston Churchill, George Burns, Groucho Marx, Bluto, or a host of other old-school characters.  But why is it called a Stogie ?

I was recently in Providence, RI at a smoke shop (Broadway cigars), talking to my good friend and longtime cigar aficionado Mr. Karl Pease, who like he often does, started dropping cigar knowledge at a rapid pace (the man knows his sh**), he began to explain the origins of the word Stogie or stogy spelled by some…instead of trying to remember everything he said, I found an identical explanation on “Blog of Answers”  Tobacco was picked up from the natives of the East Indies and introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. The English word cigar is from the Spanish cigarro, which they took from cigarrales, a Cuban word meaning a place of leisure. Stogie is an abbreviation of Conestoga, and because the drivers of that wagon company (based in tobacco country) always had a roll-your-own cigar stuck in their mouths, observers called them stogies.

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What is a stogie cigar ?  Why are they are they called stogie cigars ?

The questions are many and the answers can be, well, let’s just say off-the-mark at best.  You may put this in the useless information category or just not give a rat’s ass…frankly Charlotte, well you know the rest.  Hey, we cigar folks this kinda stuff, it’s part of who we are…we like to think we know sh** about these subjects related to our cigar lifestyle.

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I’m sure there are many stogie stories out there, images of fathers and uncles, construction workers, sexy women in more recent times…the culture is rich with lot’s of examples; hopefully I have given you some food for thought and a raised eye brow ( like oh, didn’t know that), no need to thank me, i’m here for your amusement…lol.

I hope your next cigar is the best one yet.  Thinkcigar…it’s a lifestyle !

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