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Game of Thrones Whisky Collection??

Well this one’s odd!

Fans of “Game of Thrones” must be flipping out right about now! Diageo, a multinational beverage company behind pretty much every major liquor company you can think of (Smirnoff, Baileys, Johnnie Walker, Guinness, in addition to 37% of Moet Hennessy, which also owns Vueve Cliquot, Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, Ardbeg and many many more) has partnered with HBO to launch a series of whiskies inspired by the various families of  Game of Thrones.

Which to try first?

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18 Best Rums for Sipping!

I thought I’d share this article I came across this afternoon. It talks about the 18 best rums for just sipping on. Of course you can go on and make your daquiri’s with these but I’m more of straight-up, on-the-rocks kind of guy and I found the information that this article provided to be very helpful! Let me know if you guys have tried any! I’d love to hear about some personal takes on these rums.

Article:  https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/drinks/g9077403/best-sipping-rums/

You Can Thank Millennials For the Rise in Irish Whiskey Sales in the US

While Irish Whiskey only accounts for 3% of the global spirits sales, in 2018 the US saw a 9.4% increase in sales compared to the previous year. That accounted for over $1 billion in revenue, and millennials were a majority of the buyers.

According to the Irish Food Board, in the last 5 years, the growth in the US for Irish Whiskey has been 61%!

What are your favorites in the whiskey world?

Irish? Canadian? Japanese? American?