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Review of the Bishops Blend from BLTC

Today I will share my review of Bishops Blend the latest limited release from Black Lable Trading Company. 

So let’s get right to it, shall we. 


  • Wrapper- I gave the wrapper a 3 out of 5. It had a closed foot which i think is really cool, but it had some seams that were coming apart right from the start, after taking it out of the celo. Didn’t effect the smoability, but it cost it a couple of points for that. 
  • Band- On the band I gave it a 4 out of 4. I’m not going to lie, this band looks cool as fuck and the foot band is a nice touch as well 
  • firmness- on my cigar the firmness came in at a 3 of 3 it was tightly packed and had no soft spots in its construction. 
  • Oils- on oils this guy came in at 2 out of 3 it has a dark oily wrapper with a nice smell to it. 

Smoking Character

  • Light- the light recieved a 5 out of 5. It lit well. 
  • Burn- this was probably the most surprising category for me, on burn it recieved a 10 for 10. It had the most razor sharp burn I’ve seen in a cigar I’ve smoked yet, and it was the first I didn’t need to touch up at all. 
  • Draw- for the draw I gave it a 6 out of a possible 8 points. The reason for this is because I had to cut it twice. My first cut had a really tight draw. I could tell it wasn’t plugged but it was work to pull air though. Luckily though, it had more than enough room to make a second cut which straightened out any issues with the draw I had, but still cost it a few points. 


  • consistency- for me it was the same all the way though. 
  • Flavor Quality- this is possibly my biggest ding. On flavor quality I gave it a 6 out of a possible 9. This cigar just wasn’t my bag. All I could taste was straight nicotine. On the tounge, in the throat and the retrohail made my eyes water. This is what I would consider a full bodied cigar. So much so that it overpowered my ability to taste anything else. 
  • Smoothness- on smoothness I gave it a 6 out of a possible 8. It was sharp, but not what I would consider harsh. 

Overall Impressions 

  • Quality of the Blend- On quality I gave it a 12 for 12. 8 think like all of the other offerings from BLTC it’s a top notch Blend 
  • Flavor profession- As I stated before the nicotine taste overrode all my sense of taste and it carried on completely though the entire stick. So for that I gave it a 8 out of 8 
  • Finish- The finish for me wasn’t very nice, much like with the draw and retrohale all I could taste was niccotine I my mouth, my nose, the back of my throat. So it recieved a 4 of a possible 6 
  • Speed of Burn- This stick pick up a 5 out of 5, the cigar I smoked I believe was the 6.25×46 and it was a serious 2 hour+ smoke, but with many things your mileage may vary. 
  • Price- this stick at my local cigar lounge comes in at around $12.00, and even though being a limited release it is comparable to the price of the other BLTC cigars on the shelf there so I give it a 5 out of 5. 

So my total raiting for the Bishops Blend from Black Lable Trading Company is a Solid 87. It’s not my bag, but if your into that full bodied punch you in it the nose and make your  eyes water kinds stick I’d say it’s probably right up your ally. 

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So, until next time here to Cheating, Fighting, Stealing and Drinking. 

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