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3 Healthy Habits SMOKING offers

I wouldn’t consider myself a “smoker”. Smokers are, typically, of the cigarette branch which is foreign to me. I am a tobacco pipe and cigar smoker… occasional smoker actually. Even still, some have very strong opinions on the health factors smoking may bring. Today, I look at at least 3 benefits smoking can actually bring to ones life.

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You’ve Been Holding Your CIGAR Wrong…

You learn something new everyday. Yesterday for instance I learned that I’m wrong occasionally – or always depending on who you ask in our home. I also learned that Bacon really does go with everything, including coffee and skittles.

Recently I learned that I’ve been holding my cigar wrong. I didn’t know there was a “proper” hold however I’ve been told numerous times that I have in fact been doing it wrong. Today, via video, I explore the proper way to do things, like how you hold your cigar.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cigars

I love a good cigar, tobacco pipe, or glass of bourbon. I have found however that some folks have… well strong opinions about the good nature of these enjoyments.

Everyone one some level allows an enjoyment, a guilty pleasure into their life that they realize may not have their BEST interests in mind on every level. Yet, we allow some things that could have positionally negative side benefits into our lives because for us, they bring other benefits that outweigh the bad.

Today I would like to explain why I believe for me, pipes, cigars and good bourbon not only aren’t a bad thing, but are actually extremely beneficial to ones well being. I’d like to propose that Cigars and the like are actually very good for you.

I’ve put my thoughts and arguments into video form for your enjoyment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.