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Accouterments – New Perspectives

I’d like to introduce everyone to High Desert Man, a small company my wife and I started a few years ago. We do men’s accessories (grooming, cigars, etc.) and today I wanted to tell you about a couple very unique cigar accessories we produce.

The Smoke Chest

Last year I sat in my lab (section of my barn where I “create”) and stared at a Camacho Shellback box. One of several Camacho boxes I had at the time, I admired how nice Camacho boxes are, compared to  most others; nice lacquer, sturdy hardware; there has to be something new and different to reuse this box for.

You see, the web is full of different ideas that people have come up with to reuse cigar boxes; lamps, clocks, even guitars. However, it seemed that no one put them in use again in a way that related back to the industry. That is where the Smoke Chest kit was born.

The second problem I was solving (at least for me) was the issue of organization. Most of the time I smoke out in the lab and I would often forget my lighter or my cutter, or got tired of having items sprawled across my work space. So the Smoke Chest kit was a way to organize and keep everything to do with enjoying a cigar – contained.

  • Ashtray
  • Cigar rest
  • Accessories
  • Beverage rest

So I began the patent process (to my surprise something like this has never been done) and I began selling them at our website. They don’t only fit the Camacho boxes; to date, I’ve found approximately 15 different boxes they fit, including the new American cigar (torpedo & toro) from JC Newman.

I offered these without a box, or with a box as long as I had some on hand. A comment I kept getting from customers was “it would be cool to have it in a High Desert Man box”. So, I went to work trying to produce our own box.

A couple weeks ago, I released the 2019 Smoke Chest. The inserts are nearly the same, but deeper now, which means the kit  can accommodate larger lighters & cutters, as well as more ash in the ashtray.

One thing I’ve wanted to provide with this kit is the ability for customers to make it their own. The original kit inserts are unfinished while the new inserts are stained. However, the box is unfinished and there is a lot of room for a person to “make it their own”. Below are some examples of what a customer of ours and I have done with our original kits:

Heritage = Heirloom Quality

Late last year, my uncle (a master craftsman in woodworking) approached me about making cigar humidors. What could we do that would be a new approach to the traditional desktop humidor. What we came up with are Heritage Humidors.

What’s different about Heritage Humidors? Where do I begin….?

  • Hardwoods – the biggest difference upon first glance is the 100% hardwoods. Black walnut and Maple, but much thicker than the humidors you typically see. Up to 3/4-in thick hardwoods for the body. The hardware is hidden, so that when closed, you don’t see any hardware other than the lock on the front.

  • More cedar  – the inside cedar box is nearly 1/2-in thick, offering more stability to the internal environment and quicker return to your ideal humidity between openings. Wood is what is known as “hydroscopic”, meaning that it reacts to moisture in the air and absorbs or releases moisture based on the surrounding environment. More cedar means more absorption which returns the internal environment to your calibrated level more quickly.

  • Circular Humidification Channels (CHC) – we wanted to allow for a way for a traditional wood humidor to completely humidify cigars, top to bottom and for good air flow. What my uncle came up with is what we call “Circular Humidification Channels”, which are a series of channels in the walls and the floor of the humidor. They’re not very deep at all, but do exactly what they were designed to do. A couple other companies have done something similar to this, but not as integrated or as nice (IMHO).

  • Perfect Humidification – our humidors come with Boveda! Two 84% packs for seasoning and two 72% packs for your first cigar load, plus the nice wooden holder for the lid. Our lids are recessed such that the holder can be adhered and the lid closed without putting the squish on your prized puros.

You can learn more about these products and the other men’s accessories related stuff we do at HighDesertMan.com. And we’d be thrilled if you would follow us on social media as well; Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @HighDesertManAZ.

We also have a very active YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/ruggedYt

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