Scotland – Spirited Smoke
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The Ileach Cask Strength + Lordly Whisky from Whiskey Vault

I really only clicked on this link to find out how to pronounce  “Ileach” and then found out what I want to get my father for father day. Lordly Whiskey. The guys over at whiskey vault had a viewer send in a bottle of Lordly Whiskey, and the bottle is just awesome!

The head is a pretty solid metal the guys describe it as “if you put it in a sock, you could probably kills a small elephant”. That is most likely a hyperbole but it gives you a little bit of an idea on how heavy it is. This whisky is a blend between Scottish and French whiskey. But it looks like I am going to definitely try and get my hands on this for my dad for fathers day. I guess I should probably be more worried about what I should get my mom for Mothers day huh.


P.S. I did find out how to pronounce Ileach!