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A Behind the Scenes look at Johnnie Walker!

Check out this awesome video that takes us on VIP access into Johnnie Walker, its origin story, its history, and its ever so famous Scotch! It’s truly amazing the effort these Scotland natives go to ensure that we have a truly amazing scotch whiskey! If you wish to read more follow the link below! 




“Go behind the Scenes to Uncover Scotch: from Scotland to the World.” Diageo,




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What’s Better? Scotch Edition

lagavulin 16, Laphroaig 10 and Ardbeg 10, who will win? Find out in this video brought to us by The Scotch Test Dummies! If you have any interest in these drinks or if one is your personal favorite, I’d watch the video! These guys are very knowledgeable when it comes to liquor!


Dummies, Scotch Test. YouTube, YouTube, 23 Feb. 2019,

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Top 5 “Go Back To” Whiskies!

I don’t know if I’ve said it enough in my previous post, but I love whiskey! A friend of mine told me about “Scotch Test Dummies” on youtube earlier this week and I hadn’t checked them out until today.  I found this awesome video that talks about Scott’s and Bart’s top five go to whiskey’s (ten in total). I haven’t had the chance to try most of the whiskeys they talk about but I am very excited to start expanding my knowledge on whiskey!


Dummies, Scotch Test. YouTube, YouTube, 25 Aug. 2018,


How is Scotch Whiskey Made?

Last weekend my dad and I went out to have a celebratory drink on a promotion that he received. He wanted to treat us to some Whiskey and of course, he wanted to get his go-to drink, Crown Royale. Scotch has been a topic at work so I suggested that we try a scotch since I haven’t ever tried one before. He didn’t want to but eventually caved and we got ourselves a few pours of Glenlivet’s single malt scotch whiskey at 12 years of age. I personally thought it was so much better than Crown and will most likely start drinking scotch more often. Having been to a handful of distilleries, I couldn’t recall going to one that talked about whiskey/scotch. I’ve learned all about vodka, rum, gin, and tequila but quickly realized I hadn’t learned anything about how whiskey/scotch is made. I Decided to look up how scotch was made and I found this video that does an amazing job of talking about all the steps and processes needed to make Scotch. What better to learn about scotch then by Scottish people in Scotland! Jeff Bradford takes a trip to Springbank Distillery in Scotland where he shows us an inside look at how to make a well-crafted scotch! It’s truly a back-breaking job. Everything start to finish is taken care of right at the distillery.