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How Bacardi Rum is Made!

Here’s an inside look at how Bacardi makes rum! I love rum, especially Bacardi, it must be my Puerto Rican blood, but damn is rum good! It can be used to make so much and it’s so good! Make a mean Pina Colada or an amazing Daquiri!



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Casa Bacardi Tour!

I thought I’d share some of my Puerto Rican heritage with you by sharing this awesome video that takes us on a “virtual tour” of Casa Bacardi in Puerto Rico! Check it out! Let me know if you’ve ever been? I haven’t been to PR since I was about 9/10 years old and I am kind of itching to go back!


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18 Best Rums for Sipping!

I thought I’d share this article I came across this afternoon. It talks about the 18 best rums for just sipping on. Of course you can go on and make your daquiri’s with these but I’m more of straight-up, on-the-rocks kind of guy and I found the information that this article provided to be very helpful! Let me know if you guys have tried any! I’d love to hear about some personal takes on these rums.