Reinier Lorenzo – Spirited Smoke

The Rise of the Broadleaf

10 Years ago the Broadleaf Maduro wrapper was one fo the cheapest and least used cigar leaves in the game. Today, it is the most expensive and widely used. Name a craft cigar brand that does not have an offering in the Broadleaf category…I’ll wait…you can get back to me. Actually I’ll name one, Illusione. Anyone know why Illusione does not have a broadleaf? Dion Giolito, out of respect for his close friend and industry mate Pete Johnson, will not make a broadleaf stick. Now let’s get back to Pete. If you asked me for one reason broadleaf has made such a splash in the past decade, I’d answer Pete Johnson. If you don’t know who Pete is, Pete owns Tatuaje Cigar brand. Now, there may be some guy out there who put broadleaf on the map first, but no one can deny that Tatuaje played the biggest role in its success. Or can they? Comment below if you have a different opinion or want to add to that.

So now, here we are at the potential climax of the broadleaf, enter HVC cigars and Reinier Lorenzo. HVC recently released the First Selection Broadleaf Limited Edition near the end of 2018. The box is gorgeous and packs, single stacked, which makes for an extra long box, 10 Short Robusto and 10 Toro cigars. I’m not going to do a full review on this cigar however I can tell you that it is the epitome of both Aganorsa farmed tobacco and Connecticut (the choice in broadleaf) broadleaf. The cigar is sensational. I found the cigar to be sold out in most sites but I was able to snag a single here:

Now let me know if you believe what I said about Pete Johnsons influence on broadleaf tobacco below in comments.