Old-Fashioned – Spirited Smoke

Who is Theodore Proulx?

Theodore Proulx is infamously known for writing one of the histories most important drink manuals, and yet you’ve probably never heard of him. Read this article that does a wonderful job of taking you back to the late 1800s where Mr. Proulx wrote “The Bartenders Manual” while working as a bartender at Chapin & Gore, and “iconic” Chicago Saloon. He’s a rather interesting guy!



Who Are You, Theodore Proulx?



Simonson, Robert. “Who Are You, Theodore Proulx?” PUNCH, 18 Mar. 2019, punchdrink.com/articles/who-are-you-theodore-proulx-bartender-old-fashioned-recipe/.



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Cocktail of the Week, Episode 1!

Starting it off with a personal favorite! I typically use St. Augustine’s Florida Straight Bourbon, along with their 100% all natural Old-Fashioned mix (sugar cube, bitters, water/soda substitute). Cheers!



1 Sugar cube

Preferred Bitters

1 tablespoon of water or club soda.

2 oz of your choice of whiskey

Orange peel

Lemon peel

Here’s a video guide for this cocktail!


Barfly, The Educated. YouTube, YouTube, 3 Dec. 2018, youtu.be/SeP3V3MtpxI.