The Journey – The Dumbarton cigar and trust #NLMTHA Lancero.

I know not everyone appreciates the merits of the Lancero vitola, master blender Steve Saka among them. It would appear the pressure from the Lancero fans got to him and he finally relented with the #NLMTHA or simply “now leave me the hell alone”. From Steve’s Instagram feed comes the following:

“Now Leave Me The Hell Alone… very elegant, balanced, so smooth, yet flavorful, medium bodied that finishes with a nice kick of spice at the conclusion … The Lancero Whores bitched at me for years to make a Lancero, now they are going to bitch I didn’t make it a sharp fire stick, but they can all bite my inner cactus! 
A Lancero is supposed to be an elegant, refined smoke, so if I was going to be “forced” to do it, I was going to do it RIGHT dammit!!! So glad this Muestra is behind me – I made so many different sample ligas for this cigar – about 70! And had to smoke hundreds of them along the way… and I really really dislike the Lancero vitola. I coulda’ just made my life easier and mailed it in by making a pepper bomb twizzler, but I didn’t, I made the absolute best lancero I could.

ps: I also went with the traditional 7×38 pencil format – I was so tempted to cheat and make it a 40 or 42… doing so would have made the whole project so much easier, but I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to do it to the standard.”

Shape Lancero

Size 7 x 38

Strength Medium – Full

Wrapper Nicaraguan

Binder / Filler Nicaragua / Nicaragua

Color Colorado Maduro

Grade Hand Rolled / Long Filler

Blender Steve Saka

Country of Origin Nicaragua

Only 1500 boxes distributed world-wide.

There was or is a lot of “buzz” around this cigar for good reason. Especially if you are a Lancero fan. My box date is 11/18 so these are close to 5-6 months old. I need to smoke more of these to fully appreciate was Steve was trying to do, so there may be more to come on this (I now fully appreciate why Halfwheel smokes three cigars for their reviews one each for three days) The cigars come in boxes of seven wrapped in cello in cedar coffins. The wrapper is a dark chocolate brown giving off very subtle nuances of tobacco, there appears the best I can tell to be a triple cap and pig tail, the foot is adorned with a simple yet elegant yellow cloth band with #NLMTHA in black. The foot gives off the unmistakable aroma of barnyard.

The cigar is well constructed, the draw is a tad tight, not unusual in a lancero. At first, I have to admit to being slightly unimpressed, perhaps given the hype, the cigar was mostly mild to medium with very mild tobacco, mixed with a touch of bread and cedar flavor. After the first third I started to warm to it more and then by about the halfway point I was mesmerized, there was a subtle and delicate almost exotic flavor that was teasing the my palate, I couldn’t put my finger on and still can’t, hence the need to smoke more! That’s my excuse anyway. Into the last third it transitioned with more pepper and coffee. I can say after the fact I was not disappointed and in fact may have smoked this farther than any cigar I can remember in recent memory, to the point of “roach clipping” it, something I never do. I always know when to say I’m done; this cigar was a sexy siren edging me further on till there was no more edging to be done…… Can’t wait for round two.


Photo by Phil Hawkins