Nick Melillo – Spirited Smoke

Foundation Cigar Co. The Tabernacle Lancero

Very dark, oily, rustic looking wrapper, with a dark chocolate and cedar aroma.
Opens with black pepper, wood, and dark cocoa. Before long a creamy, dried fruit sweetness shows up.  The party has started!
The draw is slightly firm, but good for a lancero, and the burn is a little uneven.
Going into the second third, the burn evens up and slows down a bit.  Creamy and lush cocoa, coffee, wood, and a lot of dried fruits, and then some bright spicy flavors, and nuttiness.
In the final third, the sweetness is down, and the flavors are darker.  The wood is more charred, and the cocoa bitter.  Nicotine has also joined in and added some tang on the draw.

Total Time: 1:25

Score: 91