Joya de Nicaragua – Spirited Smoke

My Favorite Cigar of 2018 | Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas “El General”

Celebrating 50yrs of Nicaraguan glory, and being the 1st major cigar company out of Nicaragua, we have this dark, beautifully constructed “El General”. Let me just start by saying, i predict this cigar to be in the Top 25 cigars of the year.

1st of all, the aroma of the smoke while toasting was crazy and had me salivating. the smell of cinnamon and cherries along with a pungent “grass” let me know that i was in for a treat. The draw was perfect but as i like to do powerful retrohales, I got tons of spice, but I later realized this was a smoother cigar with a lot of muscle. The draw gave me chocolate, raisin, wood and baking spice, simultaneously!!!
2nd 3rd continued to be a joyous journey and although I knew I was smoking a powerful cigar, it is smooth as silk. The raisin is morphing back to the black cherry I sensed during toasting…almost berry like. There is a graham cracker bouncing around and the baking spices are still present. The burn is razor sharp with a damn near invisible mascara line, which proves that the baccy is well aged. 
Final 3rd. This cigar is a slow burning trophy of a smoke. Even the nub is still perfectly even and producing powerful flavor. There is a distinguished earthiness and the pepper has moved up a notch, but I would still call this a smooth cigar. At this point, I got a mash of espresso, molasses, wood and a toasty cinnamon with that dried fruit nuance in the background.

-Slow burning but you have to find a pace to smoke. Too much neglect and it will go out on you.

-Even at the nub, this cigar never got hot, so u can enjoy it until your fingers can’t hold it anymore
-If you want spice, you can have it via a longer retrohale …or you can relax your puff and have that smooth experience.
A little while after I did this review, I had the opportunity to smoke the “Diadema” version of this cigar which is a figurado, and I must say I was a bit disappointed. The cigar is still tasty and classic but as we all know, these particular shapes and specially rolled cigars don’t always burn properly. And what happens when a cigar doesn’t burn properly, you have to keep applying heat or hotboxing which at some point, totally destroys the flavor of any stick! I’ve had a few BOTL express having the same issue, so with that being said, I’ll stick with the absolutely perfect Officer of the 2…plus it’s cheaper!