How Bacardi Rum is Made!

Here’s an inside look at how Bacardi makes rum! I love rum, especially Bacardi, it must be my Puerto Rican blood, but damn is rum good! It can be used to make so much and it’s so good! Make a mean Pina Colada or an amazing Daquiri!



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Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/f4/b2/22/f4b22250397ddd7ad3efb5fc03334594.jpg

Hand Rolled- How Premium Cigars are Made

I love smoking a well-made cigar as much as the next guy. But you don’t feel as attached to a cigar until you know how that cigar was made. I’ve seen people rolling cigars on the beaches of Eastern Florida and of course down in Miami. I never had the time to see someone roll the cigar completely, only ever parts of the process. Here’s a great video that shows you from start to finish how a cigar is made! I made a stronger connection with my cigars after watching this video. I even started to notice how well certain cigars are rolled compared to others and for me, a well-rolled cigar is nice and tight with an even draw throughout. Let me know if you learned something new in the comments below and what makes/breaks a cigar for you in reference to its construction!


How is Scotch Whiskey Made?

Last weekend my dad and I went out to have a celebratory drink on a promotion that he received. He wanted to treat us to some Whiskey and of course, he wanted to get his go-to drink, Crown Royale. Scotch has been a topic at work so I suggested that we try a scotch since I haven’t ever tried one before. He didn’t want to but eventually caved and we got ourselves a few pours of Glenlivet’s single malt scotch whiskey at 12 years of age. I personally thought it was so much better than Crown and will most likely start drinking scotch more often. Having been to a handful of distilleries, I couldn’t recall going to one that talked about whiskey/scotch. I’ve learned all about vodka, rum, gin, and tequila but quickly realized I hadn’t learned anything about how whiskey/scotch is made. I Decided to look up how scotch was made and I found this video that does an amazing job of talking about all the steps and processes needed to make Scotch. What better to learn about scotch then by Scottish people in Scotland! Jeff Bradford takes a trip to Springbank Distillery in Scotland where he shows us an inside look at how to make a well-crafted scotch! It’s truly a back-breaking job. Everything start to finish is taken care of right at the distillery.