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Humidor Wood and its Impact on Your Cigars!

Did you know that the type of wood you use in your humidor can directly affect the quality of your cigars? It’s true. Some woods hold moisture better than others and can cause your humidor to be too humid or not humid enough, or even too hot or too cold. Spanish cedar is said to be the best and probably is with its ability to maintain humidity and temperature, but there are a couple of other types that are considered “the most popular”. These woods are American red cedar and Honduran Mohagoney. Honduran mahogany is similar to Spanish cedar but isn’t as effective at maintaining your cigar’s flavor over time. While American Red Cedar is a very cost effective wood for a humidor. Although being a much cheaper wood than Spanish Cedar, with American Red Cedar the cigars you are storing may lose their flavor over time. This was all very interesting to me because until now I only ever looked at humidors and thought, oh its made out of wood without wondering what type of wood or its purpose. Below I linked the article that discusses wood and humidors in more detail along with the overall construction of the boxes, and what other materials a humidor can be made out of. Check it out!




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