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“For the last few years S.T.Dupont has talked about a new concept that would allow people to track their lighters in case they misplaced it. Now, the first of those lighters has been released in the U.S.

The S.T.Dupont Line 2 007 Connecting Lighter ($2,674) takes the company’s iconic Line 2 lighter and adds an internal Bluetooth module called D-Tag. That connects to the Orbit App, a third-party universal tracking app available on iOS and Android; or S.T.Dupont’s D-Tag app, which is currently only available for Android devices.

Physically, there are two easy ways to tell the Connecting Lighter apart from a standard Line 2. First, the tracking device is visible on the exterior, in this particular model it has a 007 logo; second, a micro USB port is on the bottom of the device. S.T.Dupont says it takes one hour to charge the tracker and that battery life is 15 days.

At $2,674, the lighter is about an $800 premium compared to the other 007 Gold Line 2 models.

The lighter soft-launched last year, though it only became available in the U.S. last month.

S.T.Dupont is distributed in the U.S. by Davidoff of Geneva USA.”


Cigar of the Week, Episode 2!


For a full review of the cigar of the week, check out this article from Halfwheel: https://halfwheel.com/arturo-fuente-fuente-opus-x-reserva-d-chateau-2007/9799

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Reserva D’ Chateau! Comment below if you agree or disagree with this review!


“Review: OpusX Reserva D’Chateau.” Halfwheel, Halfwheel, 12 Aug. 2014, halfwheel.com/arturo-fuente-fuente-opus-x-reserva-d-chateau-2007/9799.

How To Rate a Cigar?

This article from halfwheel, written by Charlie Minato, does a great job of explaining the process they take to rate cigars. He goes into detail describing the process needed to properly and efficiently rate a cigar. Also, check out Jason’s post “My Father La Opulencia”, he does a wonderful job of reviewing and rating his cigar. Hope this is helpful to anyone interested in keeping a notebook that has cigar notes in it or if you wanna share your cigar experience with your friends!


Ask halfwheel: What is the Rating Formula?


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