Is Steak Bad For You? ….And Searing Burners On Grills.

Last night I ate a steak. It was beautiful. Our new house came with a built in grill that uses natural gas…this means no propane runs! It’s also the first grill I’ve ever used with a searing burner….AMAZING. This took my grill game up about 18 points. Black on the outside, pink on the inside….bliss. Only seasoning I use is salt, pepper and I slather steak sauce on to give it more char.  I leave on on the sear for about 1 minute each side…the steak damn near catches fire. The smells, the tastes…just wow. Lately, when a friend comes over or we celebrate something small, I run to publix and grab a great looking steak. Which leads me to my next question: Is steak good for you?

According to this article posted on healthline, which uses results from a bunch of different studies, red meat has no link to heart disease and or cancer. In fact it is quite healthy for you. Even the fat believe it or not. The real killer seems to be processed meats….goodbye deli.

Now check out this amazing video on how to use a gas grill to smoke meat!

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