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The Journey – the story; the Tabernacle Lancero

Nick Melillo of Foundation cigars in an interview spoke about the Tabernacle cigar.

Cigars have always been a very special ceremony for me, it started with smoking with my brother and grandfather, so I used to treat my humidor as my tabernacle., It was something sacred to me, and the history of tobacco, it was always something that was a sacrament and ceremony. If people realize it or not, we are still partaking in this ceremony of cutting and lighting”

“The tabernacle was the holding place of the ark of the covenant, Abyssinia, Ethiopia, which many people don’t know much, but we know about Ethiopia’s starvation, this happened after 1974 when the communist took over and really caused a lot of problems in the country. Before 1974 you have a reign of kings and queens that go back 3000 years to the time of Solomon and Sheba.
Deep within the culture of Ethiopia, it’s one of the oldest Christian Kingdoms in the world, they claim to possess the Ark of the Covenant. This is the last king of Ethiopia Haile Selassie, he was born with the name “Rastafara”, this is where this all comes from.”

The picture on the Tabernacle Cigar is an image of Haile Selassie’s crowning in 1930.

The story of the Tabernacle cigar, the vision that Nick Melillo had going back to his beginnings as a cigar smoker and the tabernacle that was his humidor, fast forward to a man who left Drew Estate to start Foundation Cigars in 2015, the tabernacle is the product of his love for the leaf and his reverence and appreciation for history.

Is it a fitting name for this cigar, you decide, but one thing is certain, once you know the story and you have an imagination, smoking this cigar will bring visions of ancient dynasties, the Arch of the covenant and the Tabernacle that houses it.

If this is a “stick”, then the Mona Lisa is just a picture.


Note: This is a repost from the Privada Facebook group, It’s not a review, but I will tell you it was a damn fine Cigar and Box worthy.