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Top 50 American Beers of 2018

I found this lovely article that delves into the top 50 American beers for 2018! I wanna touch base on a handful of my favorites and bring to light a brew that you may not have tried or may not have even heard about.

#4: Dogfish Sea Quench Ale

I love Dogfish’s Sea Quench ale! I love bringing this brew on any of my beach trips. It has a nice smooth across the tongue sour taste. It has a sharper salt flavor then most beers do and It often reminds of a Lemon head!

#14: Lion Bridge Compensation

Compensation has a magnificent taste. I’m a huge fan of coffee and sweets so when I first tried Lions bridge and made my first pour I fell in love. I got strong hints of coffee and a sweet scent of a mix between milk and dark chocolate. Upon my first sip, I got stronger hints of sugar/caramel. I enjoyed this craft at a barbecue with my father and grandfather last summer.

#26: Allagash White

Allagash White is a beer that any Florida native should try at some point. It’s a wonderfully crafted wheat beer with subtle notes of, can you guess? Oranges. It’s cloudy in color but clear that this beer is fantastic! It leaves a nice smooth feeling in the back of your jar, with no signs of tart or sour flavors.

#38 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

A winter brew perfect for the winter holidays. I had my first Sierra Nevada Celebration on the New Year. I clinked glasses with my dad and took a sip of what I realized was going to be my favorite winter ale. I hadn’t really found a brew that I enjoyed during the winter times. Sam Adam’s Cold Snap is a nice winter beer, but I enjoy Sierra Nevada’s so much more and was thrilled when I noticed them on this list.

#47: Sam Adams Boston Lager

Anytime I see a Sam Adams BL I can’t help but think of my girlfriend and her family. Her mother was actually the first to introduce me to Sam’s Boston Lager and I fell in love. Her family is from Rhode Island and Massachusets so clearly it was a matter of time before they to convert me to their ways. I hope my dad doesn’t see those though. If he found out that his son, who has raised a Yankee fan his whole life, fell in love with a Boston brew, I think he might have few choice words for me. All in all it had a very pleasant, easy to enjoy, and flavorful taste. I find that it’s a great beer to drink when either camping or grilling!

P.S. Dad it’s okay, I’m still not a Boston Redsox fan.

Below is a link that contains the full list of top 50 American beers. Check out the list and comment below what your favorites are!

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