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Camden Show Off Juicy Lager By Camden Town Brewery (British Craft beer)

I wish I lived somewhere that had extravagant and unique craft beers such as the brews I’ve seen on the Real Ale Craft Beer channel. All these awesome brews that come from the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Etc. If there is a user on here that’s located in Europe, I’d love to work together to find a way to get these craft brews to me! 


Dogfish Head, Low-Calorie, (Kinda) Keto-Friendly IPA!

Check out this low calories craft brew from the guys over at Dogfish! Has anyone tried it? I’d love to hear your guys’s thoughts!






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What is a Craft Beer?

I’ve become a little invested into the world of Craft beers lately. Like most people, I was never really a big fan of regular beer, but, I’ve decided to try more craft beers. I’ve been doing more research lately about crafts and what makes them worth the couple extra dollars, and I found this video, by “The League of Beers”, that does a great job of quickly teaching us about all that’s put into craft beers. Check it out! might learn something you didn’t know, or you’ll gain additional knowledge on something you already know about.

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Ska’s Brewing’s Pearody Brew Returning This Spring!

IT’S BACK! This spring Ska’s Brewing company will be re-releasing its spring craft beer, Pearody. Ska’s Brewing is located out of Durango, Colorado and was founded in 1995. Ska crafts dozens of award-winning beers, such as Mexican Logger, Modus Hoperandi, and Rue B. Soho, all of which, are crafted with Ska Music in mind. If you aren’t familiar with Ska music, its a genre of music that derives from Jamaican music. A couple of my favorite Ska bands are Sublime (late 1980’s/2000’s) and SOJA (2000’s-Present).

Ska’s Pearody brew is by far my favorite. Pearody is a crisp, refreshing ale that is crafted with, of course, Pears. It is made with Perle, Tettnag, and citrus hops. It is full of fruitful flavor! A perfect craft brew for any spring or summertime activities. I wasn’t lucky enough to try it when they release it during the city of Durango’s 4oth Snowdown festival last year. However, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it when I went to Colorado last summer to visit my cousin. He had a few cases of Pearrody that he picked up at the festival but since my cousin wasn’t the biggest fan of the brew I was able to enjoy the cases on my own. During the two week period of my visit, I had Pearody for dinner almost every night! I figured by the time I left, I would be sick of it. I wasn’t.

Fun Fact: The alcohol percentages are lower in states with a higher average elevation. This is because the higher up you are in elevation, the faster you get drunk!

Example: Beer in Florida has an average ABV between 4.7-6.3% while states such as Utah, Colorado, and Arizona have averages between 2.7- 4.5%.

If you would like more info about Ska Brewing, visit their website @