Copper & Kings – Spirited Smoke

The Kentucky Distillery That’s Doing Things Differently

Copper & Kings Distillery in Louisville, KY does things a little differently. For one- they’re in the heart of bourbon country and their main focus item is American Brandy. Made of fermented grapes rather than grains, brandy is to cognac what sparkling wine is to champagne.

Started by couple Joe and Lesly Heron after major success with multiple other entreprenurial ventures (Google them- they have a pretty cool story), their aim is to bring back American brandy. Brandy, as they claim, was the original American spirit, distilled by the Dutch in the Northeast as early as 1640 and later migrated to Kentucky, housing nearly 400 distilleries in the 1800s.

The idea for Copper & Kings is to create an American centric product; between California grapes, Michigan apples, and American made copper stills named after women in Bob Dylan songs, they want you to know how proud they are of their American heritage.

Aside from brandies made of grapes and apples, they also have a lineup of other products that includes gin, absinthe, bitters, orange curacao and other cocktail specific items for a well stocked bar.

They’re also mindful about sustainability, which I can rally behind: they incorporate repurposed shipping containers in the design of their distillery and use solar panels for a portion of their energy source.

These guys are serious about their craft and creating a special place for brandy in bourbon country. I will definitely be checking them out during my next Louisville trip.