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Blog #1: Brickhouse cigar “Mighty Mighty” 6.5 X 60


“This is not your typical Grandfather Connecticut”

What struck me first about this sizeable “brickhouse” cigar was connecticut…although the wrapper is a Havana Subido, Nicaraguan Puro.

My sprinkler line in the house is turned off so I have to hand water the plants in the front and in the back. Takes about an hour and a perfect time to light one up to pass the time enjoyably. This cigar fit the bill and then some. A great “lawnmower” type cigar.

I found it mild to low medium in strength, safe for all smokers. The tastes were smooth, cedar, hint of spice, wood, some light earth. Very connecticut type taste. I tend to gravitate to maduro sweeter cigars, but found this one to be quite enjoyable. I did not detect much in the way of flavor transitions and paired it with some brandy which I thought was a nice pick me up with the cigar. Coffee would likely be a nice addition to it as well.

On the Superdan 1-5 star scale, 1 being worst of the worst, and 5 being best of the best. Construction: 3.9. Burn line wanky, had to touch it up, but never had to relight. Taste: 3.8….no flavor transitions, but a smooth pleasant tasting wood cedar slight pepper creamy taste. Price: 4…saw this cigar around $7 a stick. Very appropriate price. Overall: 3.9.


Daniel aka Superdan

Morning smoke

It’s 07:00 on a saturday morning and i’m sitting on my little balcony, my place of peace and quiet, my mancave, my place were I can smoke my cigars.

I have brewed a coffee and it is time to light up my first cigar of the day. While my first sip of coffee slides in and I take a draw of my cigar, I slowly wake up. The busy work week goes through my mind for a moment, but it quickly fades away. My head is empty for a couple of minutes while i’m drink my coffee and take a couple of puffs from my cigar.

The cigar is a 9 year old Montecristo Open Junior that I bought at a cigarstore I regularly visit. I look at it and i’m thinking to my self … life can be pretty good. Meanwhile I’m listening to the birds that sing and cars that pass by on the nearby highway.

I’m 15 minutes in, and i’m in my phone, looking on Instagram and at the Facebookpage of Privada. I sense a feeling of jealousy while I look at the pictures of the beautiful cigars that everyone is smoking. I can’t even buy a lot of those cigars here in the Netherlands or I just think they are too expensive, but I still would like to smoke them one day. But the feeling of jealousy quickly gives way because in my humidor I have a nice selection of cigars from among others the PCC. My mind is now an what and when to smoke later this day. Maybe ill take my bike for a drive and see where it leeds me, maybe ill go and see my brother and share a cigar with him …

While i’m nearing the end of my cigar I don’t have the answer jet. But I do know that I will enjoy that moment and I have something to look forward to.

Enjoy your cigars, enjoy your moments with your cigars, enjoy.

Greetings form the Netherlands,


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You’ve Been Holding Your CIGAR Wrong…

You learn something new everyday. Yesterday for instance I learned that I’m wrong occasionally – or always depending on who you ask in our home. I also learned that Bacon really does go with everything, including coffee and skittles.

Recently I learned that I’ve been holding my cigar wrong. I didn’t know there was a “proper” hold however I’ve been told numerous times that I have in fact been doing it wrong. Today, via video, I explore the proper way to do things, like how you hold your cigar.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.11.34 AM

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cigars

I love a good cigar, tobacco pipe, or glass of bourbon. I have found however that some folks have… well strong opinions about the good nature of these enjoyments.

Everyone one some level allows an enjoyment, a guilty pleasure into their life that they realize may not have their BEST interests in mind on every level. Yet, we allow some things that could have positionally negative side benefits into our lives because for us, they bring other benefits that outweigh the bad.

Today I would like to explain why I believe for me, pipes, cigars and good bourbon not only aren’t a bad thing, but are actually extremely beneficial to ones well being. I’d like to propose that Cigars and the like are actually very good for you.

I’ve put my thoughts and arguments into video form for your enjoyment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


So what exactly is a stogie anyway ?

The dictionary says “its a long thin inexpensive cigar


arnold stogie thinkcigar (pic by


Arnold famously yelled out on a movie set “where the f**k are my stogies”…like only the Terminator could.  I think of Winston Churchill, George Burns, Groucho Marx, Bluto, or a host of other old-school characters.  But why is it called a Stogie ?

I was recently in Providence, RI at a smoke shop (Broadway cigars), talking to my good friend and longtime cigar aficionado Mr. Karl Pease, who like he often does, started dropping cigar knowledge at a rapid pace (the man knows his sh**), he began to explain the origins of the word Stogie or stogy spelled by some…instead of trying to remember everything he said, I found an identical explanation on “Blog of Answers”  Tobacco was picked up from the natives of the East Indies and introduced to Europe by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. The English word cigar is from the Spanish cigarro, which they took from cigarrales, a Cuban word meaning a place of leisure. Stogie is an abbreviation of Conestoga, and because the drivers of that wagon company (based in tobacco country) always had a roll-your-own cigar stuck in their mouths, observers called them stogies.

stogie stogy churchill thinkcigar

What is a stogie cigar ?  Why are they are they called stogie cigars ?

The questions are many and the answers can be, well, let’s just say off-the-mark at best.  You may put this in the useless information category or just not give a rat’s ass…frankly Charlotte, well you know the rest.  Hey, we cigar folks this kinda stuff, it’s part of who we are…we like to think we know sh** about these subjects related to our cigar lifestyle.

george burns stogie thinkcigar

I’m sure there are many stogie stories out there, images of fathers and uncles, construction workers, sexy women in more recent times…the culture is rich with lot’s of examples; hopefully I have given you some food for thought and a raised eye brow ( like oh, didn’t know that), no need to thank me, i’m here for your amusement…lol.

I hope your next cigar is the best one yet.  Thinkcigar…it’s a lifestyle !

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So what’s the deal with cigar store Indians

What do we know, and what’s the big deal ?

Born in the 60’s means limited knowledge for a long period of time (pre-cable tv) about lot’s of things in your world…you only had a few channels to learn what you missed in school; but it was common place to see these Native American figures on a number of TV shows, and if you had a parent that enjoyed cigars or pipes, you might have even seen one in person, and if we’re truthful it was probably pretty damn scary.  I mean think about it, your exposure to Native Americans at that point was mostly fictional and only showed up in westerns…now your face-to-face (or face-to-knee, we were just little bastards) with this rather large, bare chested stiff figure with a really serious face…what the hell !

giant cigar store indian

I know it tightened my shorts up…lol; but before we get to far ahead of ourselves let’s get factual and interject some history shall we, according to Wikipedia:

Because of the general illiteracy of the populace, early store owners used descriptive emblems or figures to advertise their shops’ wares; for example, barber poles advertise barber shops, show globes advertised apothecaries and the three gold balls represent pawn shops. American Indians and tobacco had always been associated because American Indians introduced tobacco to Europeans,[1] and the depiction of native people on smoke-shop signs was almost inevitable. As early as the 17th century, European tobacconists used figures of American Indians to advertise their shops.

Because European carvers had never seen a Native American, these early cigar-store “Indians” looked more like black slaves with feathered headdresses and other fanciful, exotic features. These carvings were called “Black Boys” or “Virginians” in the trade. Eventually, the European cigar-store figure began to take on a more “authentic” yet highly stylized native visage, and by the time the smoke-shop figure arrived in the Americas in the late 18th century,[2] it had become thoroughly “Indian.”

What about today ?

Well more recently we tend to see them on sitcoms (Seinfeld cigar store Indian, Cheers cigar store Indian…etc.) but in our daily lives they are becoming more scarce…for some people they’re also seen as offensive and racist figures, and even taboo for many shop owners, it’s not my place to tell anyone how they should feel about this because we all have our own way of looking at things; but this figure is truly part of tobacco history and cigar lifestyle.  I would also be remiss if I didn’t talk about one of the most famous Native American carvers of cigar store Indians, Frank Gallagher…according to

One of the most famous Native American carvers of Cigar Store Indians was Samuel Gallagher.  Samuel originally carved furniture for a store owner named Gallagher.  Following the custom of Indian laborers of that era, Samuel took his employers name as his own.  He began carving Cigar Store Indians in the 1840’s after most of his tribe, the Man-Dan were wiped out by small pox. [Samuel has away at the time and was spared the dreaded disease]  His great, great grandson Frank Gallagher is known to be one of approximately 12 true full blooded Man-Dan Indians still living.  Frank, following in his ancestor’s footsteps, is a highly skilled artisan in his own right.  His art?…the creation of Cigar Store Indians.  One of the original Gallagher Wooden Indians is on display in the Smithsonian Institute.
The Gallaghers, continue the art of carving as Samuel would want…the right way…by hand!  Frank’s father Ralph has passed however his carvings today sell in the thousands of dollars, and Samuel’s are virtually priceless.

I like cigar store Indians, I like the fact that it’s part of the tobacco history here and abroad…I like it that you can find plaster cigar store Indians, you can find cigar store Indian auctions, how to carve a cigar store Indian, you can even find cigar store Indians on Amazon.  I also believe this to be an educational opportunity for those who are much younger…it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re informed and understand the connections.

cigar store Indian

So to Jerry and Kramer, (Seinfield) Sam and Woody (Cheers), thanks for keeping them in our contentiousness.

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ThinkCigar…it’s a lifestyle !


Rubio To Host Hearing On Premium Cigar Regulation!

This is a game changer for cigar lovers if you love your premium cigars read the article below to see what Senator Rubio is doing to protect our these cigars! I hope things go well and benefit all cigar lovers everywhere!





Nagy, Andrew. “Rubio To Host Hearing On Premium Cigar Regulation.” Cigar Aficionado, Cigar Aficionado, 4 Apr. 2019,