Champagne – Spirited Smoke

Bubbles in a Can?

The newest trend in the world of bubbles is bringing the class and sophistication of drinking sparkling wine or champagne to the convenience of an ice cold can.

For many, bubbles are about celebration. For me, they’re a just a better, less caloric alternative to beer, which brings me to my point: I’m finding that many of these wine companies are using pastel or flowery/feminine packaging to market to women the same way beer companies market to men.

So as someone who loves her vino drinks (see my name- CognacLove), a nice sparkling pinot grigio or rose with the cool crispness of canned drinks, makes for a lovely start to an evening.

Marketing hype? Maybe.

Gender driven? Probably.

Delightfully cool bubbles with extra crispness of a can? DEFINITELY.