Can – Spirited Smoke

Can vs. Bottle vs. Draft! Let’s decide!

I’ve always wondered to myself what’s the difference between can, bottle, and draft beers. I learned that cans can give off BPA which isn’t too horrible for you, but its something most people look to avoid, so they’ll go with bottled.

Now most of us are used to seeing green(more popular with lagers) or brown (for heavier more fermented beers) bottles. Green bottles are known for making it easier for your beer to develop “skunking” which is when UV rays hitting your beer will start to destroy all the iso-alpha acids, which gives IPA their amazing bitter taste. People often choose bottles over cans because they cool down slower and stay cooler longer.

Now draft beers are going to be your freshest beer. The best option of the three, but you are going to want to consider that without proper maintenance the piping that is used to pour your beer from tap can develop bacteria, so if you get a draft beer and it tastes weird or is slightly discolored don’t be afraid to send it back and get a bottle or canned one!

I’m not a professional or anything but I wanted to know some of the reason people go with one over the other. You have to take into a count, people also like can, bottles, or drafts, just because they enjoy drinking it out of that specified containment unit! Apologies for the rant!


What’s your favorite way to drink? Comment below! Also let me know if you have more info as to why one is better or worse then the other.




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