Hit & Run Part Deux Almost Robusto

The hit and run part duex is a collaboration blend between Caldwell Cigar Co. & Room 101. 

I have only had one other collaborated cigar from these two which was the Lost and Found Cigars Paradise Lost Circa 2014, Aged 5 years. So I am pretty excited to light up another Caldwell 101. Especially because my favorite type of wrapper is Habano. 

Off to the details for this Rip & Dip – 

Wrapper – Habano
Binder – Undisclosed
Filler –  Domincan Republic, Nicaragua, & U.S.A

1st –
This blend starts out with a great amount of cedar, toasted nuttiness, a very nice floral note popping in & out. Nice amount of spiced cedar and a peppery spice on the finish, leathery charred oak & some light earthy notes. 

2nd –
Right away I’m hit with a blast of citrus zest, as white chocolate ensues. Now here comes more black pepper. LOTS of black pepper, and I don’t mind it at all. Leather comes in and kinda ruins the vibe for me.

3rd –
I am enjoying this spiced cedar coming forward as the citrus zest shifts to a honey sweetness, accompanied by a very nice bready note. I can only compare it to a rye bready note with leather popping up every now and then.


First of all, I loved the smooth transitions of this cigar and really enjoyed the citrus zest, white chocolate, honey sweetness, and bready notes. Also, Spiced cedar or black pepper has always been a nice compliment to most flavors for me. So this cigar has a lot going for it. 


I did not enjoy the leather for the notes. And the big points lost were 2 re-lights, and 2 burn corrections for a very uneven burn. That lost 13 points total for me and the leather notes lost 2 points for me. 

SCORE = 85


Padilla San Andres Robusto

What an Amazing blend from Padilla.
  1. San Andres is ON MY RADAR for sure in 2019. 
Paired with a 12.9% Willetized Coffee Stout from Lagunitas Brewing. A match made in heaven!

1st – 
The draw is a little snug and I have to really pull on it to get things going, but once it’s opened up a bit I get rich earthy dark chocolate, dark black cherries, rich chocolate vanilla coffee notes, followed by a surprising citrus zest, cashews, and more coffee on the table.
2nd –
Draw is getting much better as the cigar heats up. 
Dark cocoa, peppery finish, transitions of cedary oak popping in and out, more nutty cashews. Some strength popping in to say hello. A lot of flavors showing up now! Dark cocoa turns into a powdery cocoa with dark black cherries, a hint of citrus tang followed by some chocolatey nougat notes. 
Is this a candy bar, cake or cigar!? Whoooo! 

3rd – 
Great flavors off this beautiful blend. The final third really brings it home as the flavors are booming now! The draw is fully open now. 

Huge oak note with a sweet chocolatey maduro taste, sweet cedar, great cocoa, nutty & peppery, the core of this blend is blasting out rich chocolatey cocoa. Black coffee, big copious amounts of smoke now. Cinnamon ties in with the Coffee Stout so well! Creamy coffee with vanilla rye notes (might be influenced by the beer) 
Interesting sweet licorice (wow!) 

Super complex, the strength is sticking around and I love it! Lots of flavors off this cigar. 

Score – 
I’d give this a 98 even though the draw was a little snug up to the halfway point. Great burn line and Great Flavors! 

Beer Notes – 
Lagunitas Willetized Coffee Stout 
As always, I use the Fizzics Draft Pour to get that perfect head on all my beer. It really enhances everything. 

Rich full body beer, smoky oak aroma, great dark coffee, vanilla with a rye whiskey finish yet still maintains the viscosity of a rich stout. 
A match made in heaven in my opinion. Each sip brings more to the table.