Bar Tricks – Spirited Smoke
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7 Bar tricks to Impress Anyone!

 Click on the Link to the article for Videos of each of the tricks! I’ve used a couple of these to either swindle a free drink or say $5 off a friend (you wont lose so make the bet within reason). I’ve also done a couple of these for my nieces and nephews to blow their mind! These tricks are super easy to do and pay out in the end!




Reilly, Laura. “7 Easy Bar Tricks That Will Definitely Impress Your Friends.” Supercall, 11 Sept. 2017,



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Bar Tricks to Impress Friends, Family, or Customers at your Bar!

This guy had me when he teased the fact that he could stick a can of Redbull to his hand! These are some simple easy to learn bar tricks for the next baseball watch party you host! 



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