Bar Etiquette – Spirited Smoke

What NOT to do at a bar!

There are some unwritten rules about a bar, and this video talks about something’s that you should not do at a bar!

I really want to hear the worst thing (that you are comfortable discussing) that you have done in a bar that resulted in you getting kicked out or thrown out. Whether it be, spitting in a bouncers face or throwing up all over the bar top! I want to hear some crazy stories ladies and gents!

The worst thing I’ve done to get me “thrown” out of a bar was definitely when my girlfriend and I were at the bar and we had been drinking for a while, and someone bumped into her which caused her to bump into me, spilling her drink and my drink all over on me. So I knocked the drink out of his hand. It turned out that it was the bartender that bumped her when he was walking out from behind the bar. I felt super bad afterward. I ended up tipping him $50 bucks for being an a****** and for wasting somebody’s drink, the “bouncer” or manager im not too sure, then kindly asked me to leave. Not my proudest moment and had I not knocked the drink out of his hand, I may have ended up with a free drink or two. It was probably about time I headed out at the time anyway. I still visit that bar regularly with my girlfriend, and he’s actually an awesome dude and a great bartender.