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Crux Nimfamaniac Dark

Crux Nimfamaniac Dark

Crux Nimfamaniac Dark
Right off the bat, this cigar grabbed my attention. 7 x 33 is a unique size, and I greatly underestimated it. 
Paired with a Firestone Brewing Sucuba 2018

Great construction and perfect draw!

1st –
Dry cocoa, a buttery caramel note, light pepper zing on the finish. Shifts to a great amount of sweetness, earthy cocoa, maybe some dark fruit? (could be the beer)

2nd –
Powdery cocoa, black pepper, creamy milk chocolate, great burn line, pepper on retrohale, smoky woodsy note.

3rd –
The final third starts off with more pepper on the finish, then transitions to an earthy peppery cocoa.
Here’s the surprising part for me, a big blast of strength! Very enjoyable twist.
The blend continues to show off its earthy peppery sweet woodsy note.

This cigar has a great amount of strength for the size, and it is definitely a great 30 – 45 minute smoke. Hands down the final third was my favorite.  For my preference I would want to try a 38 or 42 ring gauge, just to see what would happen.

Score = 88
Firestone Brewing Sucuba – 
Smooth & Silky 
Immense amount of dark fruit, floral and sweet. 

The sweetness of this beer pairs very well with this cigar. 

Flor D’Crossier Selection No. 512 Corona Gorda

Flor D’Crossier Selection No.512 Corona Gorda
Paired with an Allagash Pictavia, a scotch style ale aged in scotch barrels for 2 months. 

Starts off with a core note of spiced cedar. Followed by a buttery floral note, butterscotch, nuttiness with cinnamon, and a very good combo of salted caramel/honey & sweet cedar. 

The spiced cedar mellows up a bit as the sweetness plays its own tune. Notes of herbal honey with sweet bread are the dominant notes here. 

Continuing with more herbal honey, and a short touch of spiced cedar quickly followed up with sweet cedar quickly moves in. Things get interesting as a huge blast of salted caramel takes the forefront and transitions to a salty sweet nutty cedar. 

Very great transitions of spiced cedar to sweet cedar. The herbal honey and salted caramel really shines forward as a reminiscent part of this blend. 

1 hour and 15 minutes with this Flor D’Crossier Selection No.512 Corona Gorda

Score = 94

Beer notes; 
Allagash Pictavia @ 9.3% aged in scotch barrels that once held port.
Honey & Scotch notes pair very well with the 1st and Final third. Especially the spiced cedar and salted caramel. 

At the 2nd third, the sweetness of the cigar made me crave more of a contrast between the two. I wanted more of a “bite” to the beer and not so smooth as the Pictavia. So I chose a Founder’s Brewing Dirty Bastard and as usual it balanced out perfectly. 

The dirty bastard creates more contrast to the sweet 2nd third and still keeps things interesting when the salted caramel comes around at the Final Third. 

I’d like to give this cigar another whirl but choose a different pairing. Maybe some aged rum?

Cigar Provided by Privada Cigar Club