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Smoker’s Paradise: Where is your favorite place to smoke?


Many of us have that special place where we go to unwind, relax and have a smoke.  Sometimes with friends or folks from the neighborhood or perhaps by yourself in a spot where you can have a private moment and ponder the events of the preceding 24 hours.  It could be a park or lakefront; the beach or your favorite tobacconists’ shop filled with like minded comrades.  Wherever and whenever it is, you know that’s where belong at that moment.


For me, it’s my back porch. I live in a condo in the middle of the suburban sprawl.  Traffic seems to grow exponentially every year.  So, when I get home and have a few minutes, I grab one of my favorite sticks and head for the porch.  It’s a fairly small patio, on the ground floor, surrounded by a screen from floor to ceiling.


I have it all decked out with my treasured cigar paraphernalia and photos of cigars on the walls.  I have a couple of egg-shaped chairs that are suspended from a hook overhead which allows me to swing and sway as much as I care to.  Pockets in each arm of the chair have ample space for my cutter, lighter, a can of butane, some reading glasses and whatever else falls in there.  There are drink holders on each side for that frosty beverage I like so much.  The overhead fan creates enough breeze to keep it comfortable even in the summer.


The view from my little oasis is superb.  The land behind my condo is undeveloped so there are dozens of oak and magnolia trees; some covered in vines around the trunk.  The floor of the “mini-forest” is covered with ferns, palmetto and philodendrons. The birds and squirrels run about while the red-tail hawks and owls keep a close eye; waiting…….. waiting……..


I sit by myself, usually, but there have been times a friend will join me for a while.  That’s nice too.


So that’s my little slice of heaven.  What’s yours?

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