Ska’s Brewing’s Pearody Brew Returning This Spring!

IT’S BACK! This spring Ska’s Brewing company will be re-releasing its spring craft beer, Pearody. Ska’s Brewing is located out of Durango, Colorado and was founded in 1995. Ska crafts dozens of award-winning beers, such as Mexican Logger, Modus Hoperandi, and Rue B. Soho, all of which, are crafted with Ska Music in mind. If you aren’t familiar with Ska music, its a genre of music that derives from Jamaican music. A couple of my favorite Ska bands are Sublime (late 1980’s/2000’s) and SOJA (2000’s-Present).

Ska’s Pearody brew is by far my favorite. Pearody is a crisp, refreshing ale that is crafted with, of course, Pears. It is made with Perle, Tettnag, and citrus hops. It is full of fruitful flavor! A perfect craft brew for any spring or summertime activities. I wasn’t lucky enough to try it when they release it during the city of Durango’s 4oth Snowdown festival last year. However, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it when I went to Colorado last summer to visit my cousin. He had a few cases of Pearrody that he picked up at the festival but since my cousin wasn’t the biggest fan of the brew I was able to enjoy the cases on my own. During the two week period of my visit, I had Pearody for dinner almost every night! I figured by the time I left, I would be sick of it. I wasn’t.

Fun Fact: The alcohol percentages are lower in states with a higher average elevation. This is because the higher up you are in elevation, the faster you get drunk!

Example: Beer in Florida has an average ABV between 4.7-6.3% while states such as Utah, Colorado, and Arizona have averages between 2.7- 4.5%.

If you would like more info about Ska Brewing, visit their website @

About the author: Ryan Santiago
Florida born and raised.

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