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She Said Got Cigars ?

A jewel in Georgia, by way of Ethiopia !


The name of the establishment is, “Got Cigars ?” and the owner’s name is Rukia, she along with this delightful establishment are the above mentioned jewels…nestled in beautiful downtown Decatur, is where you’ll find them.  Rukia, purchased the shop from a family member over 13 years ago and has never looked back…her humidor is rich with selection and taste, with offerings from flavored and mild for the occasional or beginner, and medium bold or full bodied smoke for the more seasoned aficionado.

When you walk in the door you’re greeted with a friendly smile and  welcoming words…like an old friend, it just lifts your spirits a little bit; in our more present day lives this type of hospitality is a pleasant and welcome surprise.  Got Cigars ? , also sells different pipe tobaccos, lighters, humidors, cutters, etc.  Leather chairs to sit and enjoy a smoke are readily available, and in front of the shop you’ll find a couple of chairs and a table for an outside cafe style smoke, perfectly arraigned for people watching under the green canopy that covers the front door…a little southern magic.

In the summer of 2018 Got Cigars ? experienced a setback; the city of Decatur decided to raise the sidewalks along Ponce De Leon ave, and right in front of the smoke shop, shortly after the work was completed we experienced a heavy Georgia rain, when Rukia arrived at the shop the next day, she discovered inches of water had invaded her business.  The losses were significant, hard wood floors, gone, leather couch, gone, hand made wool rug, you get the picture.  The city of Decatur, told Rukia, that they would fix this problem, as of today they have not.  Shame on you City Of Decatur.

In a male dominated business it’s pretty awesome to find a female tobacconist who is in love with this pursuit, and her Ethiopian manner and charm really make for a pleasant experience when you visit (you need to visit !) , they’re open seven days a week and always ready to serve…the walls are covered with cool pictures and signs of celebrities smoking cigars, and different cigar brands…it’s really worth your time.  Happy smoking !

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