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San Cristobal Revelation Cigar Review

San Cristobal Revelation:

RIGHT off the bat, nice, mild flavors on the cold draw. Hints of *nut*, a little *cream*, a a tad of like a *vanilla bean* flavor.

Lit up and smoking: First third – Very solid burn and Ash so far. Great construction. Same nutty flavors from the pre-light. Very mild starting out. Not many flavor transitions, mostly nut and cream (minds out of gutter men.. ?). There’s a hint of something else a tad bit sweet I can’t put my finger on. TONS of smoke output, too. Smoke is on the thinner side, but that’s ok. Very, very good start.

Second third: I removed the first band. Smoke output still wonderful. I put it down in the ashtray a few times on a few occasions, and picked it back up five minutes later, still burned like a champ. Subtle mild, sweetish flavors on the draw with a long finish of that nice *vanilla bean* taste, and almost something like an *oatmeal* flavor coming in. Burn still excellent, but Ash getting a little wavy. Ash fell off on its own about two inches in. Ok, it’s getting a little interesting. There’s now like a hard *cherry licorice* flavor coming in on the finish. I now also taste a strong *oak* flavor left on my palate after every draw. Finishing up this half, burn is still great, and has needed no attention, smoke output still A-1.

Final third: *Oak, nut and cherry* are the most dominant flavors. There’s a dry flavor on the finish now that I have yet to determine. Long finish of nice *cream* left on the palate. Strength has transitioned into a *medium*. Another solid three inches of Ash fell off at the beginning of this half. *Oak* has gotten stronger, and you can now taste it on the draw, instead of just finish. The *dark cherry* is still kicking in on finish as well.

Towards the end of the last third, there seems to be a *hint of caramel* coming in. It’s not a regular, sweet caramel, it’s more like a *roasted caramel*. This flavor is bleeding into the finish.

Wrap-up: Flavors are oak, dark cherry, nut, cream, and a tad bit of caramel. Transitions were pretty good flavor-wise. Complexity was good. Burn was excellent, no touch ups or relights needed. Ash was solid, it fell when it was ready on all three halves. Strength of cigar ended up being medium bodied in the end.. The wrapper was flawless, minimal veins, with a beautiful band. (SC has always done a good job with marketing.)

*I give this one an overall score of 92.*

Excellent smoke. Definitely worth the time.

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@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton)
Great review of a great cigar! San Cristobal does some really good stuff
@peepso_user_2255(Bee Daniels)
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton) yes they do. Try this one out if you haven't.
1 year ago 1 year ago
@peepso_user_2255(Bee Daniels)
@peepso_user_508(Clark Thornton) it's also posted under cigar reviews group! Thanks for the read.
1 year ago 1 year ago
@peepso_user_2223(cuban consumer)
sounds like a good cigar, i'll have to pick some up. the only san cristobal i have tried is the san cristobal el principe, one of my fav cigars
@peepso_user_2255(Bee Daniels)
@peepso_user_2223(cuban consumer) I have a few actually, if you're interested in trading out. Let me know. Definitely worth the try. Great stick!
1 year ago 1 year ago