Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Aged 12 Years @PrivadaCigarClub – Spirited Smoke
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Aged 12 Years_06

Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Aged 12 Years @PrivadaCigarClub

Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Aged 12 Years @PrivadaCigarClub
01/31/2019 | Back Yard | Water
Today, I am going to tell a story before the reivew.  When I received this Romeo Y Julieta Vintage aged 11 years from Privada Cigar Club, it brought back a lot of memories.  This cigar now is aged around 12 years, I save it for a special day.
About 12 years ago, 2007-2008, the finanacial crist hit me, I was out of job and not even had enough to pay for the rent and utilities.  I had to sell many things to be able to survive, I sold all of my cigar collections.  This Romeo Y Julieta Vintage was one of the cigar I had to sell, and it was a gife from my sister who bought me the cigar for the very first time.
I felt very sorry for my sister, but it was a bad time for me.   During those years, I have experienced some downhills in my life, credit score below 500, can not rent an apartment, not even enough for applying utilities.  Now I have FICO score around 850 and became a home owner.  I miss that cigar, but it was discontinued.   So when I received this from Privada Cigar Club, I couldn’t believe it!  It was aged for about the same years for how long I sold them.  It was truly something!
Now the for the review:
Smell: Nothing
Cold Draw: Musty hay
First Impression: Cream soda. Sweet leather. Creamy nuts. Soda zing finish. Retro-Hale tons of floral notes.
1/3: Very very sweet. Creamy and buttery type of sweetness. Tiny little spiciness, but more like bubble soda type of zing.  Sweet nutty creamy silky flower finish. Retro-Hale sweet jasmine tea cream soda.
2/3: Although the smoke output was so so, but the taste was great. Razor sharp burn, black ash. Mouth watery sweet flower tea taste. Creamy floral honey sweetness finish. Wild honey and tons of floral notes on the Retro-Hale.
3/3: Mild and tasty. Same tasting profile added cedar and milk chocolate candy.  Sweet cedar finish. Retro-Hale sweet cedar with honey.
Overall: Flawless! Mild body mild strength with excellent flavors. Razor sharp burn. Ash holds around half of the cigar. Definitely 5.0/5.0.


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