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Rare and Aged is what we love


We love the rare things In life, that’s why we are apart of @privadacigarclub. Great rare and aged sticks that pair with our favorite rare/aged spirits.


The barrel: aging barrels are nothing new. The Herradura anjeo Tequila inside is fairly common. What makes it special? The experiment that I am aging it, to see if it is better or worse. The time it takes, the patience to not tap into it.


The Cigar: matt Booth Room 101 Privada Cigar Club exclusive. What makes this special? Only the club members have it. Such a rarity, to be the select few to have such a great cigar.



We love the rare, and the aged. That’s why some of us have classic rare spirits, cigars, cars, shoes, posters, ECT.


Austin D



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