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Privada Cigar Club: My Year in Review

My pictured June double box from Privada marked my 1 year anniversary in the club.  Though I am not much of a writer I wanted to leave my reflection of what a full year in the club entails.

The basic idea you get coming into Privada is you are going to get some good cigars to smoke.  They explain they are focused on rare and aged cigars. As I received the first few months of boxes it was clear I was getting non-mainstream cigars and cigars with definite age.  I will say they were all great cigars.  Some even left me searching the internet to attempt to find them on my own.  My white whale being the Dissident Soapbox.  A cigar I loved and never could find it.  Eventually Privada also opened the Privada shop which offered members the ability to score the few remaining sticks after boxes went out to members.  White whale update….I was able to buy 5 Soapbox.  That made me one happy member. 

Privada also introduced me to cigars and companies that I may have never tried because of my lack of knowledge.  The variety of companies featured is amazing.  From HVC, Room 101, Caldwell, CAO, Crown Heads, Illusione, Southern Draw, Sindicato  and Cornelius & Anthony only to name a few.  Believe me these are only a few.  If companies want exposure they are not going to get any better then what the PCC family will provide. The members plaster these sticks all over social media with rave review.

Only once did I have a concern with a stick and it was immediately address by Brian.  For any of you that don’t know, Brian is the mastermind behind Privada Cigar Club.  A true gentleman that I will address later.  The customer service that is provided is amazing.  My biggest concerns were usually moving my shipment around because I was going to be out of town when the box was supposed to arrive.  Always accommodating, Privada either immediately shipped or delayed the shipment based on my needs.   The assistance making my situation easier is always appreciated.

The cigars that are provided by Privada are top notch and not matched by any other club I have seen.  You receive aged cigars, rare cigars and exclusive cigars.  I do not have the patience to age cigars so receiving a cigar with multiple years of age is appreciated. To also receive cigars like the 2018 HVC Black Friday were only 7500 were made is amazing.  But the exclusives are what amazes me to this day.  The first ever Privada exclusive from Matt Booth and Room 101 was a club favorite.  The last Cowboy lancero which was only released to Privada this year.  Or the Padilla Miami 8&11 lancero which is being reviewed by club members as a magical stick. The opportunity to smoke things that 99.9% of cigar smokers will never see is worth the price of admission.  To talk with your cigar buddies about the El Titan de Bronze Redemption Sun-Grown Lancero which I believe consisted of only 300 sticks made for Privada.  This is something almost no one will ever experience.  You can’t put a price on that.

Experiencing all these wonderful sticks caused me to up my membership to a double membership about 8 months in. I still wonder to this day why it took so long for me to figure that out. I mean I could have an extra HVC or a Room 101 exclusive which won’t be seen again. To be able to smoke the monthly sticks now and know I have another round saved is a great feeling. A double membership is a no brainer for any member in my opinion.

I was also able to find out that the community within Privada was like no other I have seen. To say the members are a family is the understatement of the year.  Privada has a strong Instagram presence but has a community on Facebook that is like no other. Privada’s Facebook page serves as a hub for those in love with Privada and what the club provides.  There are obviously too many people involved in the Group to mention them all.  But there are many that stand out to me.  Scott Ramsdell and his wife Kelly providing nubbers to the community. Kelly’s Creations is an amazing business that has provided custom nubbers to the members.  I have 3 myself and 1 more I gave as a gift. Walter Underwood being the godfather of the mail bomb. His generosity exceeds my imagination every time he bombs someone. As he says just give from the heart. I cannot count the number of members who unselfishly mail their cherished sticks to others in the club in an effort to share their experience and pass along sticks that others may have not tried. Cindy Waldrop looking to coordinate the first Privada gathering to allow us all to gather personally and build the community further.  There are so many more of you that I interact with daily I hope you forgive me only naming a few.

Then there is the charity. To say my faith in people was renewed in people recently would be correct.  Privada recently took the time to let the members know that the purchase of sticks and stickers from the site would mean Privada would donate to feed families with each purchase. The Privada family purchases triggered 1250 meals being donated to families and then Brian and his family matched that generosity and donated another 1250 meals. 2500 meals donated in a weekend!!!!!  If you ever needed a reason to believe that there were still good people out there then this community does that.

Now many people may ask if this is all just a business push and everything is done simply for a profit. I have had the pleasure of personally interacting with Brian.  The man you see in the lives on Instagram and Facebook is the man you get.  I am truly impressed by the care he has for the members and the generosity he shows.  When it is said this is a family and would not be what it is without its members and their participation, I truly believe that.  The effort Brian puts in on behalf of his cigar family to obtain the best quality cigars is never ending.  I can say this is the best cigar club experience I have had. 

This has been my last year with Privada and I couldn’t imagine my year without it. To say I am excited to see what year two will hold is a massive understatement.  If you are looking for a monthly membership that included rare, aged and exclusive sticks along with a huge family of cigar smokers attached to it then Privada is the club for you.

About the author: Joey _7_23 Malkinski
Proud Privada member and Barrel Burner. #weareprivada #barrelburners

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