Pier 28 Habano

  Tonight I finally dipped into my shipment for this lovely Corona Gorda.

  Right off the light I get rich natural tobacco, wood, a bit of pepper spice tingle and slight cane sugar sweetness.  It starts to develop an herbal quality about a half inch in.  Fairly dry mouthfeel, pepper and bread on the retrohale.  

  The bread doesn’t come into the draw until an inch.  That’s also where the pepper kicks it up a notch.  The actual pepper flavor is fairly balanced, but it leaves a fairly long lasting and heavy tingle on the tongue and lips.  The herbal notes are really the backbone through the midpoint.

  Past the midpoint and the backbone switches to more of an oak and wheat bread.  The herbal flavors get pushed back, but not quite far enough to be considered a background flavor.  For the time being the pepper has become more tame.  The cane sugar drops out, with the sweetness coming from the natural tobacco.  Nutmeg and a floral perfume make an appearance on the finish.  

  The final third is where everything seems to come together perfectly.  No single flavor overwhelms, they all just blend into what I consider flavor harmony.  Really interesting cigar, and perfectly constructed.

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