Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda Aged 1 Year @PrivadaCigarClub – Spirited Smoke
Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda_03

Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda Aged 1 Year @PrivadaCigarClub

Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda Aged 1 Year @PrivadaCigarClub
04/13/2019 | Back Yard | Water


Smell: Spicy sweet raisin
Cold Draw: Oolong tea

First Impression: Very Strong cayenne pepper. Dry and sharp smoke. Little sweet finish. Retro-Hale Extremely pungent pepper and salt.

The Chinese character on the top and back label is Huang, means yellow, it’s also using for a common Chinese last name. One on the side next to P is Two. The one next to R is Eight.

1/3: much much smoother now. Tree barks. Oak. and wooden sweetness. Somewhat oily finish. Retro-Hale pungent herb and tea.

2/3: Spiciness and pungent are gone. Natural no sugar added oolong tea sweetness. Creamy sweet finish. Retro-Hale roasted nuts.

3/3: Sweet creamy and smooth. Fresh wood, nutmeg, oolong tea, and hint of leather. Woody sweet finish. Retro-Hale fresh oak and floral.

Overall: Excellent cigar. A lot of magical transitions. Razor sharp burn. Ash holds 1 inch. Solid construction. Medium body medium strength. I really enjoyed this cigar. I rate this 5.0/5.0.


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