Oliva Serie V Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada Robusto – Spirited Smoke

Oliva Serie V Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada Robusto

*Cue up Strange Magic ~ Electric Light Orchestra*

You’re sailing softly through the sun, in a broken stone age dawn, you fly so high.  I get a strange Magic…?Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto 5 X 52 dark brown, slightly oily, buttery smoothy Ecuadorian box pressed wrapper with Nicaraguan Binder and filler…BAM!  This beauty ignites the palate with cocoa and pepper “pop rocks,” tangy earth, coffee, wood and a hint of leather…perfect draw, text book burn with relentless tight white ash…a toasty nut aroma coming off the foot.  Silky smoke…notes of cream coming in creates the perfect marriage of flavors, the epitome of harmony and balance that takes you on a magic carpet ride ?‍♀️A must retrohale cigar to reap the full benefit of the blender’s intention.  Box worthy and will definitely ages well.  This one was aged 8 months.

I rated it a 95

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